An Open Apology To Smart Women Everywhere

How true. I felt this pressure this week. To appear to be a woman I am not. I am the person I am, and I feel I failed miserably trying to be a more socially acceptable version of woman. It doesn’t make me less intelligent or capable.

I have to overcome bias time and time again. That process takes time, and when all you have is a short period of time to make a better impression how do you do that?

Another thing I have noticed is people will except me, but the next ‘me’ that comes along, and the process starts again. It’s like some people make me the exception rather than excepting that people are different and that this is the norm.

Good read.

Work Life Balance – even at the top

I am a firm believer that a balance between work and home is achievable, and not just for lower paid roles. If you as an organisation, have recruited to your values and believe that the person in the role has the ability to manage their own work load at the office, then why not in another location.

Is the work environment so fast paced that a 4 day week is not achievable?

How does the team survive when someone is on holiday or off on sick leave?

This is a really encouraging article – have a read