I’m back (again – oh this is all rather embarrassing!)

A couple of years ago I attended a Learning Pool Live event. I was so inspired by the speakers and the messages about a digital revolution, a new way of communicating, a Whole Wide World of the learning and development community that was available to be on line and at my finger tips, that I started this blog and opened a Twitter account ( @samHROD ). I immersed myself and kept up to date with all the comings and goings. I contributed and really felt a part of something.


The downfall I realised was time and perseverance. Keeping a blog going, being part of the twittervers required time, time I sometimes find hard to dedicate, so rather than do a little, I drifted into the realms of doing nothing at all.


It was silly really. I could have really used the network to help me with completing my CIPD (nearly there finishing line in view!) . What is more embarrassing is that nearly 12 months ago I had this same talk with myself on this same blog, will do better, will try harder, will make the effort to find the time.

And it is here I realise that these are the same feelings that our staff must face regarding the backbreaking workload we ask them to commit to. I work in local government. Funding and time pressures are a day to day headache. I am really really lucky because I work for an excellent local authority, I am proud to call my employer. I have a brilliant team, and we work in an effective and extremely hardworking efficient office of dedicated staff.

I am acutely aware that at time we can have massive blinkers to the world outside our office. Managers Must – is an awful phrase I have heard myself say more than once, and keenly regretted it the moment it left my mouth.

L&D, E-learning, staff development are important, but helping others to see how this can potentially elevate some of the pressures felt today by moving towards a more forward thinking tomorrow is not an easy task, when I can’t even dedicate time to part of the process of getting there.

I am nearly finished with my qualification. I have a bit more time, so I will be better. I will work up to a place where the community is a part of my professional world, and I will work hard to remove the blinkers. Be more mindful of the needs of my customer when it comes to helping them deliver to our customers. Develop in areas that are not stipulated by a curriculum and become better at the ‘e’ part of my role!

So, here again I say it, I am back, and this time I am back and dedicated!!


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