I’m Back!!

Where have I been…

Well I am afraid to say I now appreciate that development through blog is far harder than I appreciated. Its like the #100happydays I have been trying to complete – I started with good intention, but ran out of steam. Oh I’ll do it tomorrows turn it – oh it’s been 3 months……so sorry!!

What have I learnt….

That if I find it difficult others will too. Is it fair to suggest this as a developmental opportunity for our staff if I failed at the first hurdle??

I need to be more proactive and make time. Which is hard, considering we are heading for the summer holidays, the end of which I will also be getting married. I have such a busy year ahead.

What’s new…

Well, I thought I would resurrect my ol’blog here as a measure for my CIPD Level 5 diploma my organisation have kindly agreed to pay for. Its a brilliant learning log and available on line and all the other wonderful things that blogs are. I’m so excited!!

That’s all for now because I still have a day job to do!!  but I will be in touch really soon, plotting my journey!!





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