Hello, I’ve not forgotten you

Hello everyone

Just to say, you have not been forgotten! It’s been a long while since my last post – and this is because we are super busy. 

We have the launch date of our new intranet – and as I discussed with you before, I have been struggling to find the best solution for integrating e-learning across the 2 platforms – our dedicated DLE and the new intranet. 

Fundamentally it came down to the purpose that was painstakingly drawn up, that linked to our overall corporate priority. 

Learning, and the support for learning has to be in a place that is the easiest and most time effective place for people to find it. Usability is key to our success. And there are no rules ‘where stuff needs to go’. Use logic and the knowledge we have about learning in large organisations. Speak to SME’s about their contribution, and understand the usability of the site. 

When I let go of the idea that there should be a corporate standard, a ‘right way’ of designing our new material, it all became so much easier. Not meaning to sound to narcissistic, but I am the answer, and my knowledge. And if it wan’t me it would be someone else in my post? So, if you want to look at as more of a collective, my team and our knowledge is the answer.

Working in large organisations, sometimes you feel the need to create a process, a right way of doing something. We scratched our heads in meetings, debated pros and cons, and I still didn’t feel like we came up with an answer. When I trusted myself with the knowledge I have of my organisation, and the people that make up the organisation. When I realised that there is not a process, but people and a diverse target market, the one shoe fits all approach went out the window. 

To conclude – it’s not always a process, trust your knowledge. Large organisations have multiple TOV’s, just talk to them. Address them as if you were addressing them face to face. 

Now I must go – i’m rather excited for a Monday about all the work I have to do – I have some great ideas, I just need to go away and do them!!

If you have had to integrate a new intranet with in your organisation recently, let me know what your experience was, I would love to hear from you. 




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