Follow the yellow brick road

I have been working on coaching this week. We are building a ‘load’ of information to support the organisations managers with their coaching skills. As a result, I now see coaching everywhere.

For example………

I was watching The Wizard Of Oz movie with my little girl this weekend.

I started to look closer at the main characters. We have 3 strong women.

Dorothy, our heroine, positive, brave and inquisitive. Our Employee shall we say

We also have Glenda – the good witch. Our boss. Gives general direction, and support, but acts as a coaching role. Points our heroine in the right direction, but doesn’t give her the answers. She has to find the answers for herself.

The Wicked Witch of the West, lets call her the nasty colleague. That person who wants what you have and is counter productive to all the things you are attempting to achieve.

The are 3 further colleagues, the tin man, scarecrow and lion. All believe they lack something they already posses.

Starting with the relationship between the women.

Our heroine, brave but naive is sent on a journey of discovery by a wise boss who coaches rather than takes over or leads her by the hand through her task. She has caring responsibilities by means of Toto. She meets new people friends. She finds courage to stand up for her convictions and vanquishes great evil.

She has one goal, she wants to get home.

Glenda, wise and powerful. Happy to delegate and allow her heroine to find her way. Maintains support and watches over her, but ultimately lets Dorothy do it herself.

Ultimate goal, to watch Dorothy grow, learn and develop and understand her values.

Wicked witch.

Bent on revenge, sabotage and jealous of the ruby slippers Dorothy obtained when landing a house on her sister. To be fair I wouldn’t be too happy about someone landing a house on my sister, but her shoes (although fabulous) would not be the first thing on my mind. So in short, she is a nasty piece of work. I think we have all met someone like this, intent on destroying you and your progress, stealing things, ideas from you and sending flying monkeys to catch you. Maybe not the monkeys.

We also have the scarecrow, tin man and lion. Now their true meaning comes to life at the end of the film when the wizard presents them with their desires.

The scarecrow: Wants a Brain.

Displays: Courage and Inelegance throughout the movie

Gets: A diploma – this is not a brain, but a demonstration of intelligence

Tin Man: Wants a Heart

Displays: Tenderness and kindness throughout the movie

Gets: a clock shaped as a heart – an object, a heart is intentions not a muscle in the middle of your chest

Lion: Wants courage

Displays:  risk aversion described as wisdom by the wizard. Lack of confidence

Gets: A medal – which gives him confidence.

Do we all display these behaviours in one form or another?

What do we need to over come them?
Who is our wizard to point out the obvious and give us the diploma, clock heart or medal?
What is the value of these items? Monetary? The confidence they give the wearer?

Alas to disappoint you dear reader there is no conclusion at this time to this blog posting. Its purpose is to pose myself the questions. Where there is a reflection of life in ‘art’ what are the questions we ask ourselves? Are there any answers?

For me, my learning, my thinking around this is.

Listen to yourself. Seek people who want to watch me develop. Avoid those who want to trip me up. Courage, intelligence and integrity are not found at the end of a road. It is within you. Be brave and use it on the journey. Don’t wait for the journeys end. The diploma, tin heart and medals are tokens. They are not the focus.

Education should be free.

Share free learning.

Focus on your learning.

Become more by taking the journey.

Now, this is not a study of the film at all. The film was mealy a conduit to get me thinking about what my development means. I wrote earlier about what is a qualification. This is mealy an extension of my thinking.

What next Sam

I am now going to focus on CPD and PDP for work. For myself, I’m going to have a look at the book more closely and take advantage of the on line course lady. I downloaded the books some time ago-  after this post I feel inspired to read the books!


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