Qualifications rule the world.

So, I was having a discussion with my new boss the other day.

We have recently completed a Springboard programme (it’s a personal development programme for women) and the discussion with our Directors and Chief Executive has moved towards ‘that was great, but what do we do next’. Well I knew the question was coming up and had some ideas; good, bad or ugly, I had some ideas.

Well, I come back for a debrief with my manager, and in a quite excellent coaching style (I have coaching on the mind!!), she poses the question “what do yo need to be able to do my job”. My initially reaction is, “a CIPD….” “do you?” she asks me, and she is right.

When did qualifications take over from great skills, great abilities and an ability demonstrate your abilities to be able to do a job.

What are qualifications??

They are expensive.
They are a way for educational organisations to make money out of the ambitious.

Education is not consistent.
Each organisation will not have a consistent approach to any given subject. I attended 2 Universities to get my degree (a story I may relay at a later date) and there was significant difference in the level of knowledge from one compared to the level of professionalism with the other. So when gaining a qualification what are you really getting. A consistent level of education, or a piece of paper that proves you turned up.

There is so much free information out there. What “special” information are universities with holding from rest of us that we could not watch on you tube, read in a book or online and discuss amongst like minded people in a forum?

What do we loose by dismissing applications or cvs based solely on qualification?
We potentially loose the skills of people who are very bright, capable and who are possibly highly driven as their knowledge is self sort out – they are not held by a programme, their drive comes from a willingness to learn. So there was my next thought

How to record and legitimize self directed learning
How to make employers recognise the benefit of employees who cannot afford qualifications but who are driven to learn.
How to make employees confident enough to apply for roles based on their skills and knowledge
How do we get employers to recognise skills and knowledge gained outside the formal qualification experience as crediable; how do we change that culture.

Of course this theory doesn’t work for every career. For instance, doctors!

When did devalue skills and knowledge over qualifications as a means of getting an interview?


Knowledge, skills and Abilities – This ties into some of the info I’ve been reading about regarding EI – I thinks I’m going to keep diging here and see what I think next !

Read this – http://www.cdc.gov/hrmo/ksahowto.htm was useful to start thinking about CV skills and knowledge gaps plugging – for myself.


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