I <3 Oxford University Pod Casts!



So, new career means quick learning. And what have I learnt over the last few years that I can use to my advantage in this situation – multitasking!!

I have the multitasking skills of a goddess!!

For instance, this morning quite simultaneously I was making sandwiches, filling my thermos flask, brushing teeth and popping children on the toilet finding, book bags, I think you get the idea! Don’t panic – I washed my hands – allot!!


So I am putting my multitasking skills to good work use.


I thought – using the power of pod casts I can listen and do at the same time – and to great effect. Easily distractible, the headphones in the office make me concentrate, and I have found my working output has increased tenfold.

Plus I am learning at the same time as well as researching for material to put on our e-learning package.

I must explain that the role of Content Editor  for our e learning programme is one of the main duties on my job description (sounds quite posh doesn’t I– shame my salary doesn’t match the poshness of my Job Description)– but as with most things in life I haven’t been able to get near it as I am constantly blind sided by things that rear their ugly head and demand themselves to be ‘urgent’.

Well with head phones in I can’t hear urgency, only fantastic lectures by these guys

Oxford university podcasts.

Now although I went to University, Oxford was most definitely not on the list of those I was interested in ( to be fair, I was an art student). But now I can attend Oxford University Lectures, without the extortionate scholar fees!! Available via Creative Commons (my most favourite thing at the moment – a love I may lament in another blog later) I am sitting and listening to such subjects as The Aesthetics and the philosophy of Art Lectures or Innovation or Stagnation – Oxford Union Debate.


I never had a lecture of that depth at my University. Give it a go for yourself!


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