Hello and welcome to…well me!!

Dear reader,

My name is Samantha Fillary. I live and work in the Borough of Poole. I am a mum, a working mum on the school run!

After I had my daughter, I had a shock. Whilst my career was, shall we say slow off the mark following my departure from university (hence the premise that having a baby at the time was no loss to my staggeringly slow lack of assertion up the gilded career ladder) I didn’t expect what happened next.

I was working as Corporate Recruitment Officer (Job Title far posher than actual responsibilities). I was responsible for the booking and constructing effective and affordable recruitment adverts my organisation. Print was king, and deadlines tight and always kept on my toes.

Well, baby, and 14 months later I return, to, no job, well not my job at least.

That sounds harsh doesn’t it? Well here’s the reality.

  1. My job couldn’t be conducted as part time. I made a decision as a mother, that spending my whole day at work while someone else influenced and moulded my young protégée in to their own likeliness. If my daughter grows up dysfunctional, I don’t want to be looking over my shoulder at someone else. That responsibility should be mine and my own, and her dads!
  2. I was no longer flexible – Working late – also no longer an option. I have to be in at a certain time, and out at a certain
  3. My brain wasn’t functioning – I had spent 14 moths watching In The (bloody) Night Garden, endles repeats of Something Special and the Tweenies. Going to Mummy Baby sessions (which I hated…..) and wiping various forms of human fluid off my clothing. I was just happy to be at work which I never realised would happen, because I thought my job sucked!

So I come back and relinquish my role. BUT we were also going through a re structure, so there were no jobs at the level I was working at. My boss (who is the best boss I have had the opportunity of working for…ever) finds me 16.5 hrs from savings across the unit. It’s a job. It’s 2 grades less than I was expecting, but it was a job, and for 16.5 hrs a week, I was out of the house.

This glow lasted about 2 months, and although grateful for the work and wrangling my boss had done on my behalf to secure me some employment, the old feelings of ambition soon overwhelmed me and I felt truly taken advantage of.

It was then I realised that my hourly rate was more when I left University…

This was also an admin post, and admin has historically been my Achilles heal. I am dyslexic and have very very little patience for repetitive tasks. Did I say earlier I had the best boss ever at the time. Well she recognised this about me and kept me busy with mini projects. These kept me busy and gave me the opportunity to showcase my talents.

I was a mum now, but no less ambitious. But what to do next

I was going to have to work my little nuts off, get back on the ladder and work for my position.

So I work hard, and I try and pick up work that is just outside my grade responsibility, and I keep working hard. Identifying areas of change and making improvements to everything I do.  

First move happened about 9 months after returning. A post for a Recruitment support coordinator posts becomes available – still admin but I interview and get it. I am now 1 grade below my previous post.

Then an opportunity to work as a Training support Co-ordinator comes up – still admin – no change to salary. I move across. More interesting work, different experiences, and an opportunity to be creative!! Happy days!!

I work hard, and am given more responsibility. I get to be creative and more working hard and people start to take notice.

There was some changes to the Training Team, and following a re-structure a new post becomes available Change and Development Coordinator. I interview and get the job. More Happy days!

SO… now I am back at the grade I was when I left for my maternity leave. And I have already had to crawl my way back here. I still have a long ladder to climb, but now I think I’m more ready, I’m more hungry. Before my daughter, life was not so serious. I took it very easy and things came along and I took them. Now, I am looking and working and striving to be the best I can be. I’m exploring new things and I am learning again.

L & D and Me is about my move from an area of work I know very well – Advertising and Marketing – to a new and interesting career shift towards Learning, Development and Organisational Change at a time when Local Authorities have their backs against the wall.

This is my way of recording my learning, CPD and thoughts along this new path and where that takes me.



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